Wildzang Stud
Welsh ponies Section B


*    5th of September, International Altena Show.

*    22th of August, International Show Kootwijk

*    20th of August, National Show Kootwijk.

*    1st of August, NWPCS-show Heteren.

*    25th of Juli, NWPCS-show Hellendoorn.

*    12th of Juli, Rudy Landuyt Memorial show.

*    11th of Juli, NWPCS-show Sevenum.

We entered again 4 ponies for our Regional Show. The mare Wildzang's Seren Wen, her colt foal by Llangeitho Tarquin, Wildzang's Signature, the yearling filly Wildzang's Rose Flower and the 3-year old Wildzang's Seren Wen.
                                                                 Wildzang's Seren Wen & Signature Wildzang's Seren Wen with her foal Wildzang's Signature (By Llangeitho Tarquin) 
   Picture: Theo ten Brinke.                                    

          Wildzang's Seren Wen                                                          Wildzang's Seren Wen
                                                                                                   Picture: Theo ten Brinke.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Picture: Theo ten Brinke.
                  Champion mare: Wildzang's Seren Wen                                                      Champion mare: Wildzang's Seren Wen
                by Den Bramel's Rio out of Wildzang's Saffron.

           Wildzang's Seren Ica                                                          Wildzang's Rose Flower
                                                                                                                                       Picture: Theo ten Brinke.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Picture: Theo ten Brinke.
               3-year old Filly    Wildzang's Seren Ica                                                                    yearling filly    Wildzang's Rose Flower
           by Linde Hoeve's Elegant out Wildzang's Seren Wen                                                        by Wildzang's Showman out Wildzang's Rosebird

W. Signature became, after long discusion between the judge, 2th next to the Colt foal of Karin & Peter Nellen, with a 1st Premium.
W. Rose Flower became also 2th, in a very quality class, according to the judges. And was selected for the National Show. With this result her dam, Wildzang's Rosebird became ELITE mare, a very honourable moment for us.
W. Seren Ica did not have her day at all, and would not show, aldo she became 3th in this big class with a first premium
W. Seren Wen had her day, first she won her class and later on the day she showed her self really well and became Champion section B.

*    27th of June, International Welsh Show Vrouwenpolder.

We entered 4 ponies, for this lovely show. We entered the mare Wildzang's Seren Wen with her coltfoal Wildzang's Signature (by Llangeitho Tarquin), the 3-year old filly Wildzang's Seren Ica and our Stallion Llangeitho Tarquin.
Wildzang's Seren Wen won her class and became adult Champion section B and Reserve Overall Champion section B.
Wildzang's Signature won also his class and became Foal Champion section B.
Wildzang's Seren Ica became 2th in her class next to the Licensed Stallion Brookhall Sea Eagle.
Llangeitho Tarquin also won his class.

*    20th of June, NWPCS-show Hengelo (Gld).

We entered for the first Regional NWPCS the mare Wildzang's Rozanne, her coltfoal Wildzang's Romano and the 3-year old gelding Wildzang's Roseboy. They did all very well and all ended up as Champion.

Rozanne first won her class with an election for the National Show, with Wildzang's Rachel placed as 2th. Rozanne then became Adult Champion Section B and at the end of the day she became Reserve Overall Supreme Champion next to a beautifull section A mare.
Her colt foal Wildzang's Romano, by Llangeitho Tarquin, won also his class and became Foal Champion section B. And therefor selected for the National Show in Kootwijk.
The 3-year old gelding Wildzang's Roseboy, did what we where hoping for and moved well in his class. This resulted in a 1st Premium and selection for the National Show. In the afternoon he beat his female compatitor and became Champion 3-year old section B

                            Wildzang's Rozanne with Gudo                                                         Wildzang's Rozanne
                                                                    Picture: Janneke de Rade.                                                                                                                                                                                                Picture: Theo ten Brinke.
                     Champion Wildzang's Rozanne with                                        Champion section B & Res. Overall Supreme Champion.
                             our son Gudo Valk.                                           
                                            Wildzang's Rozanne                                                                                                                                                                                                           by Den Bramels Bucco out of Wildzang's Royal Gem.

          Wildzang's Romano                                      Wildzang's Roseboy
                                                                                                    Picture: Theo ten Brinke.                                                                                                                                                        Picture: Theo ten Brinke.
          Foal Champion Wildzang's Romano                                   Champion 3-year old Wildzang's Roseboy
         by Llangeitho Tarquin out Champion Wildzang's Rozanne.               by Wildzang's Sunstar out of Wildzang's Rosebird "ster ELITE"

*    13th & 14th of Februari, the Dutch Stallion Show.

The 50 years anniversary of the Dutch Welsh Pony & Cob Society, the NWPCS, started with the 1st show of this special year, the Stallion Show.

        Thistledown Lawrence of Arabia & Wildzang's Golden Mark Picture: Geert Verbaas.
Thistledown Lawrence of Arabia (left) & Champion Wildzang's Golden Mark (right)
(s.Paddock Sahara out of Cottrell Lara)                           (Linde Hoeve's Elegant out of Wildzang's Roswita)

It where 2 very nice day's with a lot of beautifull Welsh ponies.
We entered 3 Colts, Thistledown Lawrence of Arabia, Wildzang's Royal Charmeur & Wildzang's Roseboy and the Stallion Linde Hoeve's Elegant.

The colt Thisledown Lawrence of Arabia hat to go in as first, he did not give it all, but he performed well enough to be selected for the 2th round.
Wildzang's Royal Charmeur went after Lawrence, and went well but he looked a little green in the group, and was unfortunatly not selected for the second round. And was sold straight out of the ring to Germany. Then Wildzang's Roseboy needed to go in, due to a small injury he was not complete good in movement, so he needs to go to the Retry show the 26 of Februar.

Wildzang's Royal Charmeur Picture: Theo ten Brinke                                                        
Wildzang's Royal Charmeur (Linde Hoeve's Elegant out of Wildzang's Rosita)                                                                                 

Our bred Colt Wildzang's Golden Mark, was looking very well with his new owner Geert Verbaas, and went also very well, he was also selected for the second round.

The second day of the Stallion Show, started with already licensed Stallions, we had entered our Stallion Linde Hoeve's Elegant. Who also sired the Colts Wildzang's Golden Mark & Wildzang's Royal Charmeur. He was to much under pressure of the complete atmosphere, and was not moving as he could. He became thirth in his class, with the Champions of 2008 & 2007 in front of him.

In the afternoon the 3-year olds had to come in again, for the final round. Thistledown Lawrence of Arabia & Wildzang's Golden Mark with owner Geert Verbaas did very well and where Licensed in a group of 8. Golden Mark highlighted his showing career, by being National Dutch Foal Champion in 2006 to being Champion 3-year old & Reserve Supreme Champion section B of the Show. Lawrence did also very well and became 4th in this group of 8th.

        Wildzang's Golden Mark                     
                          Thistledown Larwrence of Arabia
                                                                                                                                             Picutre: Geert Verbaas                                                                                                                                                                                                                picture: Henk Wamelink  
Champion 3-yr old & Res. Supreme Champion section B              &                      Thisledown Lawrence of Arabia
             Wildzang's Golden Mark                                    
(sire RWAS Champion Paddock Sahara out of Multi UK Champion Cottrell Lara)
(Linde Hoeve's Elegant out of Dutch National Champion 2006 Wildzang's Roswita)

*     4th of Februari 2009, Sales.

                The 5-year old mare Wildzang's Savanah "ster", has been sold to Valerie Brule, France.
                Savanah was National Dutch Youngstock Champion in 2006.

                We wish Valerie, all the luck with this Beautifull Superstar, and hope she will have the same fun and joy as we had with her. 

Wildzang's Savanah
Picture: Yorick Wormgoor.

*    24th of Januari 2009, Sales.

     The 7-year old mare Wildzang's Sorbelina "v.Keur", has been sold to the Platzer Familie, the Netherlands. 
    We wish The Platzer Familie al the luck and succes with this half sister to our young and succesfull Stallion Wildzang's Socrates.  
     Sorbelina is also the dam of our Promising 3-year old Wildzang's Sonate (by Llangeitho Tarquin) who was Best Filly foal
                at the National Show in Kootwijk 2006, which we have retained.
Wildzang's Sorbelina
Picture: Yorick Wormgoor.

*    22th of Januari 2009, Sales.

             The filly foal Wildzang's Saroeska (Llangeitho Tarquin out of Wildzang's Savanah) has been sold the Mr. Ben Diederick from Belgium.  
              We wish Ben al the luck and lot's of succes with this promising filly.

*    30th of December 2008, Sales.

The 9-year old mare Wildzang's Rachel has been sold to the Familie Hazeleger in the Netherlands. 
            We wish the Familie Hazeleger a lot of succes with this wonderfull mare.
            Rachel is the dam of Wildzang's Rachelle (s.Llangeitho Tarquin) & Wildzang's Robison (s.Wildzang's Socrates) which we both have retained.
Wildzang's Rachel
Picture: Yorick Wormgoor.

   10th of December 2008, Sales.

            The Part Bred Colt Foal Wildzang's Smart Little Sooc (Wildzang's Socrates out of Wildzang's Smart Little Chiq) has been sold to Sanne Gort, from the Netherlands.
            We wish Sanne all the luck and Joy with Smart in the future.

*    13 October - 14 November, Trip to Australia to judge at 3 Shows.

Dad was asked together with Mr Aart Zoet to judge at 3 shows in Australia, last year. Due to Equine Influenza the trip was canselled last year. They shows where they should judge where:
  1. The NSW-All Welsh Show  2008,  Overall Supreme Champion was the section B Stallion Bamborough Paramount owned by the Woranora Stud.
  2. The Victorian Welsh Feature Show 2008, Overall Supreme Champion was the 2-year old section B mare, Tooravale Celeste, owned by the Tooravale Stud.
  3. The Adelaide Show 2008, Overall Suprem Champion was the section C Stallion Pen-Nant Gametime.
Bamborough Paramount
                                                                                                                  Picture by Lorelle Mercer
Section B Stallion Bamborough Paramount with handler, Mr Aart Zoet & Herman Valk.
Supreme Champion NSW All Welsh Show 2008
s. Eyarth Tigra
d.Imperial Picture Me (by Downland Warrior out of Weston Picture)

They really enjoyed their trip "Down Under", they met a lot of very friendly People and they have seen beautifull Stud's with beautifull Welsh ponies and the beautifull area of Australia.

*    6th of October 2008.

We had to make an hard decision, our beautifull and already 26 year old mare Shamrock Sun-Flower "v.Keur ELITE", went so Ill that we had to make the hard decision to let her put down.

Shamrock Sun Flower
Shamrock Sun Flower "v.Keur ELITE"
1982 - 2008

Since my dad saw Sun Flower as a foal, next to her very admirered dam Bolster Sorb-Apple, he tried to purchase her from her breeder, Henry Leeuwenhaag. Then as a 5-year old Henry Leeuwenhaag gives us the change to purchase her, to become the wife of our Royal Welsh winning Stallion Shamrock Mr Oliver. This resulted in her first foal, the colt  Wildzang's Sandor.

Sun-Flower has given us:
  1. 1988 grey       colt  Wildzang's Sandor, by Shamrock Mr Oliver. Was succesfull in harness, together with full brother Sunday.
  2. 1990 grey       colt  Wildzang's Sunday, by Shamrock Mr Oliver. Succesfull in harness.
  3. 1991 bay        filly  Wildzang's Saffron v.Keur Preferent, by Shamrock Mr Oliver. Champion & Breeding mare, still with us.
  4. 1992 chestnut colt  Wildzang's Showman, by Shamrock Discovery. Licensed Stallion in Holland, and sire of winning stock.
  5. 1993 chestnut colt  Wildzang's Sundancer, by Shamrock Discovery. Licensed Stallion in Holland and now in Finland.
  6. 1994 chestnut colt  Wildzang's Shadow, by Shamrock Discovery. Succesfull harness pony in Germany.
  7. 1995 chestnut colt  Wildzang's Steward, by Cusop Steward. Succesfull harness pony in Germany.
  8. 1996 bay        filly  Wildzang's Sorb-Apple v.Keur, by Cusop Steward. Succesfull breeding mare, still with us.
  9. 1997 chestnut colt  Wildzang's Sensation, by Linksbury Celebration. Succesfull riden pony in Germany.
  10. 1998 chestnut colt  Wildzang's Solaris, by Cusop Steward. Succesfull Harness pony in Germany.
  11. 2000 grey       colt  Wildzang's Sunstar, by Shamrock Mr Oliver. Licensed Stallion in Holland. Still with us.
  12. 2001 bay        filly  Wildzang's Sorrel v.Keur, by Shamrock Mr Oliver. Succesfull Breeding & Show mare. My mum's favorite !!, still with us.
  13. 2002 bay        colt  Wildzang's Scotty, by Shamrock Mr Oliver.
  14. 2003 chestnut colt  Wildzang's Sibon, by Shamrock Mr Oliver.
  15. 2004 grey      colt  Wildzang's Starlight, by Shamrock Mr Oliver. Succesfull in harness pony, together now with Wildzang's Royal Prins.
  16. 2005 bay       filly  Wildzang's Sun-Bird, by Shamrock Mr Oliver. Unshown yet, still with us.
  17. 2007 grey      filly  Wildzang's Songbird, by Shamrock Mr Oliver. Unshown yet, still with us.
Sun-Flower was one of our basic mares, and she has brought us, together with Shamrock Mr Oliver & Hulster's Delaila, where we are now.

Thanks Sun for all the beautifull moments which you have given to us, we shall not forgett you.
Your name will be caried out through your Son's, Daughter's and their offspring.

*    6th of September 2008, Int. Show in Almkerk.

We had a brilliant day at the International Welsh Pony Show in Almkerk, under Judge Gillian Sells of the well known Priestwood Stud in the UK.

We took the mare Wildzang's Rosita with her filly foal Wildzang's Golden Dream, by our very succesfull Stallion Wildzang's Socrates. And the 3-year old colt Wildzang's Royal Prins.

                                            Wildzang's Golden Dream                                                                   Wildzang's Golden Dream
              Wildzang's Golden Dream, with Judge Gillian Sells of the Priestwood Stud (UK) Picture: Yourick Wormgoor                                    Wildzang's Golden Dream       Picture: Yourick Wormgoor
  1. Wildzang's Royal Prins, started the day and became 1st in his class of 3-year old section B ponies.
  2. Wildzang’s Golden Dream, went 1st in the filly foal class, and became Foal Champion section B.
  3. Wildzang’s Roswita, became first in her class.

          The Champion ships started. Prins went on to become Reserve Youngstock Champion section B.
          Roswita went in a close race, Reserve Adult Champion.

          Golden Dream went for the Highlight, she became Overall Supreme Foal Champion. Gillian Sells told us, that if it had been possible according to the rules, she was defiantly a big competitor in the Championship section B!!.           This like her half sister, Stougjeshoeve's Dream of Glory, (both by Wildzang's Socrates) last year at the same show under Merion Davies of the Heniarth Stud.

          Golden Dream had an super show season. 4 times shown, 4 times 1st, 3 times Foal Champion and 2 time Overall Supreme Foal Champion. So she did really what we hoped when giving her this name !!

*     23th of August, National NWPCS-Show in Kootwijk.

           The day started real early at 4.00 am, but it was not without succes.

           We took from Zeeuws-Vlaanderen:
           1. The mare Valeur Dancing Fairy Lustre (Paddock Riverdance out of Paddock Silver Lustre)
           2. The 3-year old Wildzang's Golden Daw (Wildzang's Sultan out of Wildzang's Roswita)
           3. and the Filly foal Wildzang's Golden Dream (Wildzang's Socrates out of Wildzang's Roswita)            

           My Parents took:
           1. The mare Wildzang's Rozanne (Den Bramel's Bucco out of Wildzang's Royal Gem)
           2. her colt foal Wildzang's Rodriquez (Llangeitho Tarquin out of Wildzang's Rozanne)
           3. The Mare Wildzang's Sorrel (Shamrock Mr Oliver out of Shamrock Sun Flower)

                                Valeur Dancing Fairy Lustre                                                                        Fairy Lustre1
                            Fairy Lustre with Foal Wildzang's Silver Lustre  Picture: Theo ten Brinke                                                              Valeur Dancing Fairy Lustre, winning her classPicture: Theo ten Brinke
by Wildzang's Sunstar) with MariekeAnne and Dick.

                                     Fairy lustre3                                                                            Wildzang's Sorrel
              Valeur Dancing Fairy Lustre, Adult Champion & Overall Supreme Champion section B.                                  Wildzang's Sorrel, 1st in her class.   Picture: Theo ten Brinke

             Wildzang's Golden Dream                
Wildzang's Golden Dream
, being National best Filly foal section B.
             Wildzang's Golden Dawn, became 11th in the quality and huge 3-year old class. And was awarded "ster" Mare.
             Wildzang's Rozanne, became 2nd in her class next to her half sister Hambroek's Romy. And they both became "ster" Mare (the are both by our former Stallion Den Bramel's Bucco)
             Valeur Dancing Fairy Lustre, became 1st in her class and was awarded "Voorlopig Keur" Mare.
             Wildzang's Sorrel, became 1st in the strong class of "Voorlopig Keur" Mares.
             Wildzang’s Rodrigo, did his best with playing and was good runner up.
             Wildzang’s Golden Dream, became best Filly foal section B.

              In the Champion ship Fairy Lustre showed off her best in this very heavy competition and she became, like in 2007, National Adult Champion section B. At the end she Became also awarded as Overall Supreme                          Champion section B. An moment never to forget !!! 

*     26th of July, NWPCS-show in Heteren.

           Valeur Dancing Fairy Lustre                                                                 Valeur Dancing Fairy Lustre
                Valeur Dancing Fairy Lustre, Champion section B                                                                            Valeur Dancing Fairy Lustre, Overall Supreme Champion of the Show.

The last Regional Show, We took the mare Wildzang's Rozanne and her colt foal Wildzang’s Rodrigo, by Llangeitho Tarquin. The 3-year old mare Wildzang's Golden Dawn and the mare Valeur Dancing Fairy Lustre. 

They did all quitte well:
* Wildzang's Rodrigo became 1st in his class and went later Foal Champion section B.
* Wildzang's Rozanne became 1st in her class and was selected for the National Show.
* Wildzang's Golden Dawn, did not have her day, but became 6th in a huge class and was selected for the National Show .
* Valeur Dancing Fairy Lustre became 1st in her class, Champion section B and Overall Suprem Champion of the Show.

Wildzang's Golden Dawn                                                       Wildzang's Rodrigo
     Wildzang's Golden Dawn          Picture: Yorick Wormgoor                                                                           Wildzang's Rodrigo                  Picture: Yorick Wormgoor

*     12th of July, NWPCS-show in Sevenum.

            Our 2th NWPCS-show was in Sevenum. We took our mare Wildzang's Rachel (Wildzang's Showman out Wildzang's Rosebird) her colt foal Wildzang's Robison by Wildzang's Socrates. And our "proud" the filly foal                                          Wildzang's Golden Dream, also by Wildzang's Socrates.

            The day started with the Colt foal class, Wildzang’s Robison became 1st.
            The filly foal Wildzang’s Golden Dream, also became 1st in her class.

             They were both in the Foal Championship ring, and Golden Dream, became Foal Champion section B. And was due to that also able to compete during the National Foal Champion ship.

             Our mare Wildzang’s Rachel, became 1st in her class.

            Wildzang's Golden Dream
                                                                                                   Picture: Yorick Wormgoor

                                         Wildzang's Golden Dream, Foal Champion section B.                             

*     5th of July 2008, NWPCS-show in Hellendoorn.

            The first NWPCS-show was in Hellendoorn. We took the mare of my mother, Wildzang's Sorrel her filly foal by Socrates, Wildzang's Sandalwood (Shamrock Mr Oliver out Shamrock Sun Flower) and the 4-year old barren                               mare Wildzang's Seren Lucy (Luciano out of Wildzang's Seren Wen)

                  Wildzang's Sorrel
                                                                                                                                              Picture: Yorick Wormgoor
                            Wildzang's Sorrel, Champion Section B & Res. Overall Supreme Champion of the Show.

The day started with
Wildzang’s Sandalwood, being placed second in a strong filly foal class.

The barren mare Wildzang’s Seren Lucy, became 2nd in her class

Wildzang’s Sorrel became 1st in her class, later on the day she became Champion section B and later on the day she became Reserve Overall Supreme Champion. Next to the beautifull Partbred mare Orchard Red                       Elstar. The judge described Sorrel later on, as being a Flower who is looking at her prime !!!!

*    28th of June, NWPCS-show in Tolbert.

My parents took the nice colt foal Wildzang's Sordino (Llangeitho Tarquin out Wildzang's Sorb-Apple) to the NWPCS-show in Tolbert. Sordino was placed 2nd in his class, next to the later Foal Champion section B.

*    28th of June Int. Show in Vrouwenpolder.

           The second show of the summer season was the International Welsh Show during the "Zeeuwse Dag van het Paard" at Vrouwenpolder.

Wildzang's Golden Dream
Wildzang's Golden Dream, winning the Overall Foal Championship of the Show

                                  Wildzang's Royal Prins                                               Linde Hoeve's Elegant 

                                                    Wildzang's Royal Prins                                                                 Linde Hoeve's Elegant, Reserve Adult Champion section B

            We took our filly foal Wildzang’s Golden Dream her dam Wildzang's  Roswita, the 3-year old colt Wildzang's Royal Prins and our Stallion Linde Hoeve's Elegant.

            Wildzang's Golden Dream started of her showing career by being 1st in the foal class and awarded Foal Champion section B. Later on at the day she became awarded Overall Supreme Foal Champion of the Show, like                    her full brother Wildzang's Goldleaf did last year.

            Wildzang’s Royal Prins,  Became 1st in his class.

            Wildzang’s Roswita,  became 2th in her class next to  her "nice" Wildzang's High Flower (W.Sunstar out W.Royal Charm).

            Linde Hoeve’s Elegant, became 1st in the  Stallion Class and later he became Res. Adult Champion next to the later Supreme Champion Stougjeshoeve's Dancing Princess.

*     11th of May 2008 the Rudy Landuyt Memorial in Maldegem (Be).

                                     Wildzang's Royal Prins                                                       Wildzang's Royal Prins

                                    Wildzang’s Royal Prins, Reserve Champion section B                                                       Wildzang's Royal Prins, Overall Supreme Youngstock Champion.

            The Show season started with the Rudy Landuyt Memorial in Maldegem. 
            We took our 3-year old Colt Wildzang's Royal Prins (Den Bramel's Bucco out Wildzang's Rosita) and our Stallion Linde Hoeve’s Elegant.

            Royal Prins started off promising:  He became 1st in his Class, and for the Overall Youngstock Championship All Sections he did his best and became Overall Youngstock Champion. With the yearling Welsh Cob as                   reserve. Later on at the day He became Res. Champion section B, next to the Stallion Eyarth Simeon.

            Elegant became 2th in his class, next to the later section B Stallion Eyarth Simeon.

*    March.

A black day, our mare Wildzang's Sweet Pea had to be put down. Due to turning of the Foal, 8 weeks before Foaling and a heavie Kolik, from which she could not recover.

Wildzang's Sweet Pea
Wildzang's Sweet Pea
1996 - 2008
Sweet Pea, was since she was born, one of our favorites. Because she was sired by the by us admired Stallion, and twice Royal Welsh winning Stallion, Linksbury Celebration, which we had leased for 1 year in 1996 from our friends the Landon Familie of the Linksbury Stud.
Sweet Pea had a beautifull front, a lot of type and a powerfull, strong movement, who could move miles !!!

Sweet Pea has given us in her short life, very succesfull offspring:

  1. 2001 Bay        colt Wildzang's Sultan, by Sarnau Pelydrog. Licensed Stallion in Holland
  2. 2002 Chestnut filly Wildzang's Serena ster, by Wildzang's Sundancer. Still with us.
  3. 2003 Black     colt Wildzang's Sweet Charmer, by Den Bramel's Bucco. Licensed Stallion in Austria.
  4. 2004 Black     filly  Wildzang's Sabina ster, by Den Bramel's Bucco. Still with us.
  5. 2005 Bay        colt Wildzang's Sweet Spot, by Wheemhoeve's Icarus. 
  6. 2006 Bay        colt Wildzang's Sweet Twerp, by Llangeitho Tarquin. 
Thanks Sweet for all the beautifull moments which you have given to us, we shall not forgett you.
Your name will be caried out through your Son's, Daughter's and their offspring.

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